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Bear Viewing

Our Kodiak Bears are amazing and we are booking our Bear View
Flightseeing Tours for the summer! 

Take the trip of a lifetime with Kodiak Island Air

One of the absolute best things to do on Kodiak Island is to fly out to see our Kodiak Bears!  Our Bearview Flightseeing Tours to either Frazer Lake or the Katmai Coast run from June through September and average 4 ½ hours long. 

Wear your raingear and our hip boots...and buckle yourself in for amazing scenery along the way - from Kodiak’s amazing mountain tops down the center of the island to the wild shoreline, and marine life, along the outer edges.  Flight time is from 45 to 60 minutes each way by floatplane and you spend about an hour and a half on the ground with the bears - plenty of time for photos and video and lots of bear interaction and activity. Kodiak Island Air - Frazer Lake Bear

In July and August we tend to fly to Frazer Lake at the South end of Kodiak Island, where we land in an inland lake , walk to shore and do a short hike to a hill overlooking the Frazer River, a literal “Kodiak Bear park”.  Seated in camp chairs with our pilot /bear guide you can experience numerous bears up close; fishing for salmon,  playing on the fish weir, romping right past you and wandering around the surrounding area.  The hike to get to the viewing area is about 3/4 of a mile along a mountain wildflower trail through fairly level terrain. 

In June & September, we fly to the Katmai Coast, where we land in an ocean harbor, wade to shore, and walk along the beaches and rivers and watch the bears digging for clams and sweetgrass roots in the spring, and fishing for salmon in the rivers in the fall.  Both tours include a box lunch and beverages, as well as amazing flightseeing around Kodiak Kodiak Island AirIsland’s mountains and harbors. 

We also offer a one hour flightseeing tour around Kodiak and Afognak Islands, landing at Kitoi Bay Salmon Hatchery, which provides a VERY good chance of seeing Kodiak bears during July and August! 

And for those of you just interested in the scenery, we offer 1/2 hour and hourly flight seeing tours or take a flight out to one of Kodiak’s six villages, it’s a flightseeing tour on its own!

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